Stand with Me

Stand with Me

Debbie is a true progressive champion who will fight for South Florida families.

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“What’s Rick Scott afraid of?” said Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “His track record of promoting voter suppression makes his refusal to extend the voter registration deadline by a few days sadly unsurprising. He must be afraid that the more Floridians register to vote and turn out in November, the less likely his candidate, Donald Trump, will […]

“As a mother of two young daughters, I’m revolted by Donald Trump’s predatory and disrespectful language that was revealed today – he set a low bar, but this turned my stomach. It’s the worst yet,” said Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “We are all sickened – but we shouldn’t be surprised. Trump has been clear who he […]

  Today marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month – a time to celebrate and honor the achievements of the Hispanic community. Hispanic heritage is a fundamental part of the American story. All of our histories are intertwined – from the beginnings of our nation to today, generations of Latinos have contributed to our country’s […]